DNA Hackers Part 5


As he held them in his hands Will 24 removed the cap from the test tube and placed it back in the box, he then turned his back and walked back into the crowd, as Will Ten Thousand turned and walked towards the boy. He handed the test tube to the boy with a smile and spoke. “Drink, these are your nannies made just for you and you alone; they will imprint on you and help you to develop your own special powers.” The boy took the test tube from his hands and drank it. “Good, now this is your Star-core it will supply you with all the power you will ever need and link you to the rest of us, from this day forward you will be one of the mighty protectors, you will be one of The Brothers Will.” He placed the sphere in the boy’s left hand and stepped back. “Now you must take the Star-core and merge it with your heart.” The boy took the object and placed it on the upper right side of his chest over his heart; he closed his eyes and pushed it into his chest. The object sunk through the boy’s skin and disappeared into his body, he opened his eyes as they glowed bright like the sun. The boy floated off the ground as his eyes glowed brighter, and a beam of light shot out of his mouth as if his insides were burning. Will Ten Thousand turned back to the crown as the boy fell to the ground on his knees he raised his hands and spoke. “He is now one of the Brothers Will.” His voice echoed for everyone to hear, as the boy stood to his feet, the crowd cheers echoed through the air. The members of the Brothers Will raised their weapons to the skies and fired, lighting up the skies with the bright colors of their weapons.

“Your nannies will not be active for 24 hours, after which you may try to develop your powers, make sure they are what you want. After they are just the way, you want them to be you can imprint them into your nannies and your body. Good luck on your journey my young brother.” Will Ten Thousand said to the boy then vanished, the boy smiled and nodded. Then turned and boarded the ship waiting behind him, to take him to his new home, on a nearby planet. There he would be taught many languages, and customs, so he may better understand the people he would one day protect.

This was just what the Morfeans had been waiting for, a chance to get close to the boy. Though they could not change their DNA to copy anyone, they were still very skilled spies and so they found their way onto the ship without being seen and waited. The ship left the Earth and set its course for the new world, with its engines at full power they passed the moon and out of the Earth’s gravity. Once clear, they engaged the Jump Drives. Once in jump mode they could travel the seventy light years to the destination planet in a few hours. However, once in jump mode there was no getting on or off the ship. This was just what the Morfeans wanted and needed. Once the ship entered jump mode the boy would have nowhere to go and they could finally meet him without worry.

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