DNA Hackers Part 4


As they searched, they came across myths written in ancient languages on many of the worlds they searched. This myth was of a race of beings thought to be cursed, with the worst curse in the universe, but they were powerful and kind. They were ancient and never mixed with any other race because of their curse, but no one knew where they were or where they came from.

These myths gave them hope if only a small amount it was enough to keep them searching. Like all myths, they knew there had to be some truth behind. They knew that this race was real for so many to have the myth, but it was an old myth even before their time as great spies, but it was still something. And it was more than enough to get them to search much harder than before. In their search, they came across an artifact older than any they had found before and it was just what they needed. The artifact told of a blue planet, where a single man channeled God and was cursed, with the worst curse possible and it would follow all his descends for all time. It was the origins of the myth and this blue planet was well known as the home of the race of protectors. Their luck was finally looking up, they headed for the blue planet at the edge of the galaxy, and the closer they got the more their luck seem to look up.

As they headed to the blue planet, they got news that all of the members of this cursed race would be gathered together, but more importantly, one of them would be a child perfect for them to get a pure sample of DNA from. Still a mere child, he would be getting ready to leave his home world of Earth, on the celebration of his 13th birthday. If they could somehow get a sample of his DNA, they might have a chance to not only achieving their goal but also saving their race from extinction.

There was a great celebration for the young child, a great many came to see the boy off for he was the last one of his race to be born for more than five hundred years. Among the people who came to see him off were his brothers, they stood like a great army with weapons of great power in hand. As the boy stood looking out to his brothers, two of them walked forward, one carried only a small box in both hands. They spoke one after the next. “I am Will 24 also known as Tech I provide all the weapons and technology to our race. I have two gifts for you.” As he finished speaking, he opened the small box in his hands, then the other spoke. “I am Will Ten Thousand, also known as Doc. I am the doctor to our race whenever you need help, I will be there, even before you can call on me.” He said with a calming voice as he turned to Will 24, and reached into the box that he held in his hands. He first took a test tube filled with a silver colored liquid from the box and held it in his left hand, then reached back into the box and removed a small glowing sphere.

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