DNA Hackers Part 31


He stood as his eyes glowed brighter, then the roar of an army of creatures echoed from behind him as hundreds of thousands of the creatures rose from under the surface of the planet. Will dropped to his hands digging his claws into the ground, then raising his head he let out another roar. As it echoed out the army of creatures fell to their hands digging into the ground as Will did then roaring. There roars echoed out across the planet as more and more of the creatures came to the surface.

Their cries reached out and like death, sending chills through the army, and without a fight, the army turned and ran in fear. As Will turned to his army, he raised his hands returning to his human body. “We won, they are fleeing!” His voice echoed out, and was followed by the over joyed cheering of the Morfeans as they changed back to the form they wished. “You did it Will my people are now free and the cure is spreading through the planet as we speak before long every Morfean on this planet will be cured and we will finally be able to have children all thanks to you.” Marks voice spoke in Wills head with great excitement. “No Mark it’s not just me that’s to thank, if it wasn’t for you none of this would have been possible.” As Will spoke, he could see the cargo ship he was on approaching to land. Will looked across the planet of happy Morfeans as the cargo ship landed behind him, and the crew ran out to congratulate him.

John took Will and the crew down below the surface of the planet to a large control room. “This is central command; it was used as a way to avoid getting caught up until now. Now it will be our command ground for our ships as they go out to every planet, our brothers and sisters are being held on to cure and free them. This is all thanks to all of you, and you will forever be remembered as the ones who saved the Morfean race.” As he finished John got down on one knee and lowered his head. “Thank you.” As he spoke, every Morfean did the same, a planet united as one with one mind for the last time they spoke. “Thank you so very much for saving us.”

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