DNA Hackers Part 30


The force from the exploding ship sent him flying to the ground like a rocket. He smashed into the ground with a shock wave that sent tanks flying, and then lunged forward into the enemy smashing and slashing everything to pieces, leaving burning rubble behind as he rampaged through the army.

Will let out a load roar, he dropped to all fours again and as he was about to attack the army pulled back. The ships above the planet charged their weapons, they were going to end it now. One blast from all the cannons on board the ships above would blow a hole in the planet it might even destabilize the planet. Will looked up as the skies turned blue they were going to fire everything they had at him. He stood looking up. “Brothers if you can hear me, I need your help protecting this planet.” As he spoke, he put his hand out and his body returned to its human form. “What are you doing?” Asked Mark. “The thing about the body of a cursed human is it can attract energy when we want it to. So I’m going to attract as much of this blast as possible.” The atmosphere filled with static as bolts of energy flew through the air, then total silence, as all the ships fired at once, Will closed his eyes and jumped into the air as the blast fell to the planet.

The explosion echoed across the planet, as the smoke settled and the army flew back in to finish off the attack on the planet. “You know he did warn you that this planet was under his protection, but they never listen.” A voiced echoed out across the planet, loud but calm and quiet at the same time, and as the voice finished the smoke cleared as though it was pulled away. Standing on the surface holding a knocked out Will was a tall well-built figure. “You did well brother very Well, for your age, you have earned the name Will of the many faces, now you rest while your big brother leads you a hand.” As he put Will down on the ground, the numbers 700 began to write itself into his cheek. The figure Smiled. “So you have earned your numbers brother good…” The figure stood up, then looked up; as he watched the ships charge their weapons for another attack, he spoke. “When will you ever learn, I am Will Ten Thousand, my brother told you to leave this place, but instead you attack him and the people of this planet who have done nothing to you, now you will pay for your crimes.” His voice echoed across the planet and from every com system in the nebula.

The ships fired once again. “Active nannies .01%” He spoke then raised his right hand, as he did the blasts all stopped. “You were warned.” His eyes glowed, then he pushed his hand back, sending the blast back at the ships destroying them all. Will’s Eyes Opened to see his Brother standing above him and, the skies filled with the exploding ships. “Brother you came.” Will said as he got up from the ground. “Yes I did, we The Brothers Will always help our brothers in need. But now I must go I leave the rest to you.” He waved his hands above him and as he did the exploding ships vanished, he then turned to his brother smiled then vanished. “Thank you brother, I think I can handle the ground forces myself.”

Will looked around as the army closed in from all sides. “I hope I can handle the ground forces, Mark are you ready?” As he waited for Mark to reply, he transformed his body back into the creature. “Done! Finally a link with another Morfean, I think this battle is about to be over.” Said Mark. Will looked out over the approaching army and readied himself to fight. As the army took aim, the ground shook. “Its time Will let out your roar and show them how it’s done.” Will closed his eyes and took a deep breath and as he opened his eyes, he let out a roar that shook the area, the sound echoed out, grabbed the enemy by the heart, and squeezed fear into them.

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