DNA Hackers Part 3


It is now the year 2570 new galactic time, five hundred years have passed since the Morfeans began their research; they have been all but forgotten, dismissed as a legend in children’s stories.

With their newfound knowledge, they decided it was time to rejoin the universe they had left so long ago. Looking to regain their once great reputation and find that one race that would be the key to their goal. However, the universe is never so kind; being gone for so long, they knew nothing of the new worlds and races that had roses to power in their absences. They were once again new to the universe, and had to work their way up from the bottom. Unfortunately, this was not the worst part of their problem, but only a side not, their real problem lay within all the research and experiments they had done on themselves, that had damaged their DNA. It was much worse than they first thought, they lost their greatest asset they no longer had the ability to copy others by absorbing DNA.

Without their ability to copy and learn from other races, they would be at a great disadvantage. They had no way of communicating, learning, or even defending themselves, and so instead of rejoining the rest of the universe as the great Morfean race, they were now a race with nothing. Soon they were enslaved and sold throughout the universe as slaves for work or entertainment, to anyone that was willing to pay the high price for them. With no one able to understand them, no one would help them or even know they needed help for that matter. It was hopeless they couldn’t even defend themselves; it was over for them their race would be gone before long at this rate.

The greatest race of spies was now no more than a simple bunch of performers enslaved to entertain the masses. Their minds cried out, but no matter how hard they tried, they found no help, no one who heard their cried could even understand it. They were trapped, unable to run or hide, unable to return to the world unseen by the universe. Even those that stayed behind on the planet were trapped; they could do nothing to help their brethren. So they waited and planned. Sending out small ships to search the universe for the race that would restore them and give them their dream.

For fifty years they searched the universe, their hope slowly fading it seemed so hopeless. Even though they learned much about the new worlds it still was not enough, but worst yet they grew weaker with each passing day. If they couldn’t find something or someone to help them, they would soon begin to die out. They were on their last generation and if they couldn’t fix the damage done to their DNA their race would vanish from the universe altogether.

More and more left the research world to search for anything that could help them but most of them were captured, few managed to remain unnoticed as they went from world to world searching. Yet still they went out risking everything to search the vastness of space.

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