DNA Hackers Part 29


As Will laid waste to the army on the ground, Mark worked as fast as possible to get his mind back. “Got it, I really hope this works, it’s time for you to come back Will.” Mark spoke in Wills mind as he changed the DNA to get Wills mind back. Suddenly his rampage stopped. “That was strange thanks Mark I would hate to be stuck that way any longer.” Will said as he stood in the middle of a field of wreckage. “Oh I’m not done yet, now it’s time for me to upgrade your body, with the style of The Brothers Will, hold on this is going to be fun.” Mark took control of Wills body and spoke. “Active Nannies 100% Body upgrader imprint, Active Star-core 100% begin upgrade.”

His body tensed as it sunk just a small amount the muscles grew tighter his teeth went back up, as his eyes glowed yellow. He turned and smiled, as the scales on his skin grew longer overlapping, his eyes sunk and grew closer together as his face returned to a more human like face, and then a long metallic tail grew from behind him. He was now a more compact version of the beast. “I’m smaller I thought you were going to upgrade the body not make it weaker.” Said Will as he looked around at the army. “Who said your weaker the original creature was very strong, but it could be stronger, I made it much stronger. It’s now almost twice as powerful and five times as fast, with skin that is a combination of the strongest metals in the known universe with a little addition to absorb energy and expel it constantly. Now give it a try and let’s see if you think I made you weaker still.”

Will smiled then attacked, his body hurled forward faster than it had before, then he hit the first tank in front of him and sent it flying back into the air. He stopped and stood as he looked around the enemy closed in on him from all sides. The smile on his face grew into a grin as he began to speak. “Now I see why my brothers like doing this so much…” He laughed, then his voice grew loud echoing across the battlefield in every radio and com system. “I am Will 700, Will of the many faces. This planet in now under my protection I give you one and only one warning leave this place and leave these people. If you do not leave now I will make you leave.” His eyes began to glow brighter as he waited for a response, a minute passed and he got his response as every enemy in every direction opened fire on him. “Why do they always choose the hard way?” Will said with a grin.

He dropped down to his hands and dug into the ground, his eyes glowing bright. His hands and legs pushed and he flew forward straight for one of the rockets that had been fired and with animal like reflexes, he grabbed it and used it as a step, pushing it down as he hurled himself up to another one. One after the next he used the very things that were meant to attack him to climb up onto the air, then with a huge jump he hurled his body to one of the attacking ships. It opened fire and as the missiles reached him, he grabbed one, turning it back on the ship, and surfing it right to the ship. Jumping off at the last second and turning his attention back to the ground. Then, as the missiles hit the weapons bay of the ship, he lets out a loud battle cry.

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