DNA Hackers Part 28


The Jump-drives pull the ship and the asteroids that followed it into the jump, then two seconds in the Gravity-core was shut off. Dropping the asteroids out of the jump, just as they were about to impact the back of the ship then one second later, the Jump-drives shuts down. The ship dropped out of the jump just above the planet in the middle of an armada of ships.

The ship drove straight down at top speed straight for the planet as the armada of ships opened fire. Giving Will the signal, 30 seconds and he would be dropped from the cargo bay. Will began his countdown, as the ship hauled to the surface of the planet, winding, and swerve to avoid being shot down. As the ship shook, the captain looked around at the crew. “Just a few more seconds before the asteroids get here we just have to hold out a little longer.” The enemy fire grew closer to the ship as they started to lock on to the ship; they were out of time they would be shot down any second.

Then the shots stopped, the asteroids were finally here and they ripped through the enemy ships one after the next. The enemy ships quickly turned their fire to the asteroids, but it was useless shooting them only made them more destructive as the smaller pieces rattled the ships with holes. Will closed his eyes. “Three, two, one, its time.” The cargo bays opened as the ship pulled up sending everything in it hurling to the ground. As the cargo bay doors closed and the ship’s fall slowed the jump drives came online and the ship jumped, just as it was about to be hit by a missile.

Will’s body began to transform, his entire body grew in size, his muscles bulged as his arms and legs doubled in size, his skin harden as metallic scales grew out over his skin. His fingers grew long sharp claws, as his teeth grew longer and sharper, his eyes opened wider as they moved apart and his whole face grew more beasts like. His eyes turned black with red pupils, then he roared as the transformation finished and the beast took over. The roar could be heard for miles, then the container exploded as his claws ripped it to pieces.

Like a crazed beast, he attacked everything around him as he fell, smashing, and slashing at everything around him screaming out. Will was completely out of control. The loud roaring and scream got the attention of those who were on the surface of the planet attacking the Morfeans. They looked up and began firing at the beast that was Will. His attention was now on them. He looked down and let out a loud roar, as he swung at the rockets that were fired at him. The explosion only feed his anger and sent him flying to the surface even faster. Then, with an echoing crash, he hit the ground, his fist first as he punched into the ground, a huge shock wave followed. Then bursting out of the ground, eyes filled with rage, he began to lay waste to the focuses that were on the ground seconds after impact.

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