DNA Hackers Part 27


“What is all this for captain?” Asked Will. “Well, we are going to be dropping you out of the ship once we are close enough to the surface, and then we will be jumping out of the Nebula. We will then jump back in for the actual fight by the time you’re on the ground. John told me about what you will be trying, so you will be in this container, you will hear the other containers hitting against the sides of this one once we start our decent to planet. Once you hear that give it 30 seconds, by then if everything goes well the Cargo bay doors should be opening to drop you.” Will looked around the cargo Bay. “Well, let’s hope your plans will go off without a hitch. How much longer do we have before we are ready to go?” Asked Will. “A few more minutes once the calculations are done, we will begin. You get ready I’m heading back to the cockpit I will tell you when we are ready to go from there.” Answered the captain as he turned and walk out of the cargo bay. Will walked to the container and sat in it on the floor. “I hope your ready Mark.” Will said, putting his head in his hands sitting in the box. “I am don’t worry you will be in control of your body a few minutes after we hit the planet, and I have a few surprises for you when your back in control.” Replied Mark.

“Everyone get ready we lunch in 10, 9, 8…” The captain’s voice echoed through the ship, Will stood to his feet and pull the doors of the container closed and held on tight to the handles. The ship’s main engines powered up and the ship started moving into the nebular, as the ship picked up speed the captain’s voice came over the intercom once more. “We are going into this fight to help the Morfean race with no regrets. It’s going to be a risky battle and we may not make it through, but we aren’t going down easy, every member of this ship is going to go down in history for what we are doing not just for this fight but also for being the first people to help a member of The Brothers Will. So hold your heads high put any fear you have out of your hearts and let’s give them HELL!”

The ship headed straight for the asteroids, increasing in speed, as it got closer, the engines were pushed to full power, the ship headed for the asteroids faster and faster. “Start the Gravity-core direct the gravity field behind us.” The captain ordered and with that it was time nothing could go wrong from this point on or the ship would be destroyed. The Core turned on and the ship lunged into the asteroids, just missing every one of them as it flew through the massive field, towing the asteroids it passed behind it. The ship spun and pulled up as it began to align itself for the jump. The captain started the countdown to the jump. The ship aligned with the planet and the Jump-drives came online. As they did the ship’s main engines shut down, the ship slowed, the asteroids that were being pulled by the Gravity-core came hurling to the ship.

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