DNA Hackers Part 26


The engines roared loudly as the time passed by, two minutes in the gravity in the ship Failed and everything went weightless. The Gravity-core was too strong it was canceling out the gravity in and around the ship, and the ships artificial gravity generators wasn’t strong enough to keep up. Then three minutes in the ship’s hull started to rattle as if it were coming apart. “Don’t stop Will; give it everything till the last second.” The captain’s voice echoed across the intercom. The two remaining minutes seem to pass even slower, as the rattling of the ship’s hull grew louder and the roar of the engines echoed through the ship like that of a ship yard with hundreds of ships.

“That’s it, we are here, cut the power!” Alin’s voice came echoing over the engines, as Will heard he released the cables. “Deactivate Star-core…“ As the words came from his mouth, he fell to the ground. The ship jerked as the engines shut down and the gravity kicked in. Alin unstrapped himself and walked over to Will as he picked him up from the ground his body pulled itself back to normal. “Good Job kid now rest for a while, it’s time we got you to where you need to be.” As he spoke, he carried Will back to his quarters and laid him down to rest. He then headed back to the engine room and looked over the engines for any damage. “We are good here captain the engines were not damaged, but they will need an hour to cool down before we can go.” Said Alin to the captain over the intercom.

As Will rested everyone did what they could to get ready for the upcoming battle, and soon a plan was formed. The planet was located in the heart of the nebula, which meant that sensors wouldn’t work, but with John’s help they didn’t need any to get in without any trouble. They plotted a course through the nebula that would lead them through a field of highly magnetic asteroids. They would use the gravity-core to pull them into a Jump right behind them. With this, they would have a chance in getting to the planet without being noticed. However, because they would be pulling, the asteroids into the jump with them, when they dropped out, they had to head straight for the planet in order not to be destroyed by them. As the navigator set the course the captain headed to the cargo bay, he looked around and then pulled a large crate forward. He emptied it and then took the straps off everything in the cargo bay. As he finished Will walked in.

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