DNA Hackers Part 25


“Who are you talking to?” Said Alin walking towards Will. “Oh hey, I was just going over a few things in my head; anyway, I came here to see if we can push the engines a bit more. It seems as though time is running very short and I would like to get there as fast as possible.” Alin looked at Will for a while, then he answered. “Well, I think it might be possible, from the readings I’m getting I think the engines are only running at 80%, using all the power the ship can spare. I think if we can get more power we can push the engines to 100% or even pass 100%, if we can do that we will be able to cut the time down by at least six hours. But we will need more power than this ship can produce just to get the engines to full power.”

A smile came across Will’s face as he turned to one of the crew that was in the engine room. “Go tell the captain to get ready the ship is going to get a major boost.” Will then turn to Alin. “Get the extra power connections out, and hook them up to the engine’s power cell while I get ready.” Alin pulled out the cables and started to hook them into place, Will closed his eyes. “Hey Mark is there any creatures that you have become that can power the engines?” Said Will under his breath. “No, but there is one that is very conductive to electrical currents.” Replied Mark, Will Smiled. “I see where you’re going with this; well, let’s change my body then.” Will opened his eyes, as he did his body began to change, his body grew slim, his skin became and almost clean color as what seemed like an electric current started running along his skin, then his body stretched out like wires.

He wrapped his long Wire like Fingers around the ends of the cables that Alin had hooked to the engines. “Tell the crew, we are ready to begin.” As Alin sent the message over the intercom, Will then began to take slow deep breaths to ready himself. “Don’t worry, this should work Will, I will have the Nannies help channel the power to the engines I just hope it will be enough.” Said Mark as Will took his breaths. “We are good to go give it everything you have.” Said Alin from the chair next to the intercom while strapping himself in. Will took one last deep breath “Don’t worry, it Will be more than enough. Active Start-core 100%!”

Will’s words echoed through the ship, his chest started to glow, static filled the air, Will’s eyes started to glow as energy started surging through his body. Then the hum of the engines changed, getting louder as the engines started to use the extra power Will was pushing into it. “It’s working we are at 85% no wait, 90% we just need a little more power 98% now just hold out for a few minutes 100% and still rising!” Yelled Alin over the roar of the engines, Will’s hands pulled tight. “Push it all into the engines Mark.” As he spoke, the static in the air turn to bolts of energy discharging from Wills body into the air. The lights in every room of the ship grew brighter from the stray energy that flowed into the air from Will’s body. “It’s at 200% if you keep this up for five minutes we will be at the edge of the nebula!” Yelled Alin.

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