DNA Hackers Part 24


John looked at Will and spoke, we don’t know who it was, but they were stronger than anything we have ever come across. But it was mainly just one that showed real power. He entered and everything just stopped, the creatures attacked him, but they weren’t even able to get close and with a wave of his hand, they were destroyed. Then he just turned and disappeared. Will looked up at John suddenly. “How long ago was this?” He asked. “It was around 5000 of your years ago.” Will looked at John and spoke. “It was my brother Ten Thousand, he has told me a story about when they first started The Brothers Will alliance, he said he was forced to destroy some creatures because they couldn’t be reasoned with. They attacked the galactic console and because he was the one to stop them so easily, the people thought The Brothers Will be the ones who order the attack in the first place. Because of the attack, it took us fifty years to gain the trust of the console and finally become the police force that we are today.”

Will Smiled as he looked at John. “I’m going to do it, from what I know about what I have become I can change any part of the DNA of anything I become to make it into what I chose so the way I see it, I can make this creature even stronger and still maintain control of it.” Will jumped to his feet, then as he walked to the door, the voice in his head began to speak. “That’s right all I have to do is find the part of the DNA that controls its blood lust, and its mindless rage and remove it, and with the help of your nannies that should be very simple for me to do. But it might take some time for me to do it and in that time you may lose control of your mind and go into a rage.” Will stood in front of the door and turned to John. “Well, I guess I will have to change on the planet. With your help John we can find the best place for me to land so I can do the most damage without hurting any Morfeans at the same time, while I am out of control.” Said Will as he started to walk to John. “That’s a great plan I will get together with the captain and the navigator so we can find the right place for the attack.”

Will headed out the door with John right behind him. Will headed to the engine room John headed to the cockpit. Heading down the hall to the engine room Will spoke to the Morfean, he merged with. “You know I still have no clue what to call you.” “Well, I’m not too sure we never had names and now that I am merged with you it seems that my name would be yours. But if I really must have a name that is different to yours, I think it’s only fair that you get to be the one that gives that name to me, after all you are the one that owns this body.” The voice answered. Will thought about a name as he walked to the door to the engine room, as the door opened he spoke under his voice. “I know; your name will be Mark. So Mark, are you sure you can bring my mind back if the creature takes over?” “Well from what I know about the creature, its mind is all rage and anger, but from what I have seen on the way your body works now. The way we have combined means that even if the creature’s mind takes over completely it will not affect me seeing that my mind is more a part of the nannies in your body than part of your organic body. Though I will be able to alter the DNA to allow your mind to be unaffected it may take a few minutes after you transform before I can, meaning you will be out of control for that time.” Replied Mark.

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