DNA Hackers Part 23


Will and John headed to Will’s quarters to get their battle plan ready. “John I need to know what’s the most powerful creature I can be to fight off this army? Better yet, does your race know of any being that would be able to fight off an army?” John looked at Will as he seem to question if he should answer the question. “You know something you’re not telling me so what is it.” John looked at Will then spoke. “There is one creature that can beat any army, a genetically made creature of pure strength, fighting instinct, and rage. But if you try to become this creature you will lose yourself to it.”

Will sat on the bed; he heard the voice in his mind. “We aren’t hiding it from you, it’s just that we don’t know what will happen. Close your eyes and clear your mind and I will show you what happened to those who became this creature.” Will closed his eyes and as his mind cleared images of a large meeting hall came to mind, then of an office, then the entrance to a large building as the images filled his mind he began to understand and see what he needed to see. All these places were where the creature was first used.

As the thoughts flowed through his mind, he started to understand what the creature was. The creature was created by a team of researchers in an attempt to build the perfect weapon. The DNA of the creature was designed to take over that of the Morfeans against their will, it would then turn them into a living weapon. The creature had the traits of the most powerful of worriers and the healing abilities of the oldest races in the universe; its mind was filled with rage and an unsatisfiable lust for blood and destruction.

He saw as a group of Morfeans entered the large meeting hall and they were transformed into these things. They grew in size as their backs ripped out of their clothes, spikes grew out of them, their arms grew large as their fist became spiked and then their loud cries echoed out as the transformation finished and the rage took over. They went into a frenzy mindlessly destroying everything in their path. Nothing stood in their way as they attacked the largest meeting place. Will was pull to the office as one of these things ripped through the building killing everything in its path. Then the images flashed to one creature running towards an army, it pushed through the onslaught of weapons fire like it was nothing and began to lay waste to the army.

“Why did you do this?” Asked Will. “We had no choice at the time we didn’t know what the researchers had planned, it was a simple mission to get Intel, they said they wanted us to test a stealth suit for them in the process. We didn’t know why they would want us to even test something that was useless to us but we paid it no mind. We then found out that they just used us to test their experiment, once everyone was in place the suits injected us with the DNA of the creature, and once the DNA of the creature was in our body it took over. It separated them from the hive mind and made them into monsters.” Will’s face grew angry as he thought about the people who did this. “How were the creatures stopped?” Will said slowly with his head down.

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