DNA Hackers Part 22


John looked at Will and answered his question. “Well, I can show myself to the crew now and I will explain my reasons to them all at once, please call everyone together for me.” With that, Will pushed the intercom and asked if everyone could meet them in the meeting room in five minutes he will explain everything then. Once done, he looked over at John and asked if he was ready to do this. John just nodded as he looked out of the small viewing windowing in the door, waiting for everyone to gather in the meeting room.

Once everyone was together in the meeting room Will and John walked into the room and was greeted with shock. “Who is that and how did he get on the ship?” Asked the captain as John walked in and stood in the middle of the room. “My name is John and I am a Morfean, I stowed away on the ship in order to get help from one of the members of The Brothers Will…” As John explained what he was doing on the ship and about his races problem Will looked around at the crewmembers wondering how he would be helping when they arrive at the planet. The voice in Will’s head began to speak as John spoke to the crew. “Well then Will, we will have to make you much stronger if you are going to help us free our planet. You will need to become an unstoppable force if we are going to get through the forces that have arrived on our planet.”

“Forces? What forces?” Asked Will under his breath. “In the last moments that I was still connected to the hive mind of my race I saw an attacking force descending on our home world. They are also descending on all the outpost we have. Somehow they seem to have found everywhere we were hiding and they must be knocking out our defenses by now.” Will began to wonder then under his breath started to speak. “Your race has a memory of every creature that any one of your race has ever become right, so I’ll just become the most powerful one or better yet I will combine the most powerful of the races combine with the unstoppable force of one of The brothers Will there is no way they will be able to stop me.”

Everyone turned to Will, as he stood to his feet. “Listen up everyone we will be flying straight into a war zone so I’m not going to make anyone do this against their will. The ships will be dropping out of the jump before we enter the nebula that hides the Morfean home world. Anyone that isn’t willing to fight in the battle will be dropped off there.” The crew just looked at each other. Then the captain stood to his feet and with a loud yell, he spoke. “We will give them hell; let’s show them what we’re made of!” A reply of cheering was instant as the crew got fired up and went to their stations. “We may not be a battle crew, but we are the best transport crew there is and if anyone can get you to that planet we can.” Said the captain to Will as the crew left. “You showed us what you can do when you upgraded this ship, now it’s our turn to show you what we can do.” The captain said with a smile as he walked out of the room and joined his crew at their stations.

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