DNA Hackers Part 20

As Will walked over to him and began to sit Alin spoke again. “We need to finish hooking the power distributor in and then turn it on, so while I hold the core still you need to hock both the main and secondary connections in at the same time for the main distributor valve, then you need to do it for the return flow. Remember the main and secondary need to be hooked in the same time for both or the system will be fried.” Will took all four wires, one in each hand and lined them all up carefully; he looked up at Alin and took a deep breath. Click, he connected them all at the same time. “Well, I think I did it right?” Will said with a smile. “Don’t get too happy that was the easy part.” Replied Alin as he closed the lid to complete the sphere. “Now we have to give it enough power to active it and then figure out how to get it into the engine before it gets a chance to rip the ship apart.”

Will stood up as his body return to normal. “It’s actually very simple. Once the ship drops out of the jump and the engines shut down for cooling, we can place the core in the engine next to the Jump-Drives core. Once the engines come back online to start the jump, the stray energy in the engine should be enough to bring the Gravity-core online. Once the engines enter, the next Jump the Energy from the Jump-core will be more than enough to bring the Gravity-core to working levels and once we are in the jump for a few minutes it should start working and boost the ships speed at least three times over… Wow I’m dizzy.” Said Will as he put his hand to his head. Alin looked up at him with amazement. “That should work, how did you come up with that. I wouldn’t have even thought to try that, I’ll tell the captain to inform the crew that the engines will be getting a serious upgrade.” Said Alin as he walked to the intercom on the wall.

“Sorry about that I should have asked before taking control of our body.” Said the voice in Will’s head. “It’s okay, but next time make sure I’m not standing when I get control back okay.” Said Will under his breath. He walked over to the engine’s main console and began entering the new system upgrades that it would need to control the gravity-core to allow it to boost the engine’s speed without ripping the ship or the engines apart. As he did, Alin walked over to him. “How is it that you know so much about these engines, I don’t even know that much so don’t tell me you got it from me.” Asked Alin as he watched Will reprogram the engines. “Well, I didn’t get it all from you. My brothers always showed me different things and told me many things about how everything works, but I never really understood them. However, since the merge I have started to understand some of them. I know the being I merged with has so much knowledge on the engines that came before these so when I gained your knowledge, it completed the picture and became so easy to understand after that.” Will replied.

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