DNA Hackers Part 2


Research was needed and a lot of it, they needed to find a place they could do their research, a place far away where they would not be disturbed. They search the know worlds and found nothing, but in a seemly dead part of space void of anything but plasma clouds they found the perfect world.

It was a lifeless world floating through the heart of a of a massive nebula light years wide, the nebular isolated the planet perfectly, nothing not even light got in or out of the nebular. They could work here undisturbed by anyone for as long as they needed to achieve their goal. They worked hard day after day building, researching, and building more, through many trials and failures they continued to build their lab that would give them what they longed for. Building for many long hard years, they converted the planet into a lab like no other, an entire world with one function and with any luck; it would be the key to their dream.

They constructed massive panels across the surface of the planet, each one covering miles, that were used to harness the limitless power from the light and radiation that pounded the entire planet’s surface as it drifted through the Nebula. This energy was then used to power the labs that were built through the planet itself. Stretching from the surface to the core of the planet, theses massive labs ran constantly. And with each passing year the labs grew ever more until the only thing left on the planet that was not part of this lab was the power panels the now covered the entire planet’s surface. However, the lab was not the only thing that increased with each year, but Morfeans as well. More and more of the great race flocked to the planet leaving behind their work as they united to do what they could in the research.

Fifty years passed and they had disappeared from the rest of the universe, all-finding their way to the research world, where they stayed and worked endlessly towards their goal. They learned a great deal as they performed experiments on themselves, some dying and some gaining newfound strength, but through all this, they found no way of having children, or so it was thought for a while.

A breakthrough in the form of doom showed them exactly what they needed. All the experiments they had done throughout the many years they were on the planet, combined with the radiation from the nebula had damaged their DNA. Within a short time, their race would die out as they lost the ability to reproduce. However, this was not all bad news, the damage had given them the key they needed to achieve their goal. With a pure enough sample of DNA from the right race they could finish what they started and find a way to have children by using the other race’s DNA to replace the damaged parts of their own. Now they had to find the right race, and right person whose DNA had not been changed by anything since birth in order to solve their problem and save themselves from extinction.

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