DNA Hackers Part 19

Will turned to his side and closed his eyes as he spoke. “Well, he’s not the type to forget someone who helped him out. He said you gave him the idea of having an entire planet as a lab when you came to him asking how one would be built. He said if it weren’t for your people, he would have never thought to build his research system. Which I still can’t understand why he needs an entire star system to be his lab.” Will yawned as he finished speaking, then drifted off to sleep.

The beeping sound of an alarm woke Will as he turned over he could see a small blinking light. As he walked to it, he heard Alin’s voice. “Will we will be dropping out for the first cool down cycle in five minutes can you join me in the engine room to get started on the upgrades.” “Right I’m on my way now.” Will responded as he opened the door and walked out; he looked down at his hands as he walked thinking. “I think I will need to use Alin’s form, but I wonder if I can just use his extra hands.” As he thought, he heard a voice. “Yes, you can; you are different from us you can do things we can’t, you can combine the DNA of any living thing into your own to modify your own body.”

It was as if someone was talking to him, but how and who, before he could finish the thought the voice spoke again. “Remember, we merged though this isn’t normal I think the reason we didn’t become a new being with a new mind is because of your nannies. They rearranged our DNA before they could merge into one new one and made it so both of our minds remained intact. We still share a body, it means we are still who we were, well somewhat. It also means that I can help you get use to this new body just let me and I will make your body the way you need just think it and I’ll handle the rest.”

As Will walked down the hall, he thought about what he had heard echoing in his mind, then with a smile, he spoke. “I want my body to remain the same, but I want the extra arms.” As he reached for the door to the engine room his body, changed two arms grew out of his side, and then folded as he opened the door. Alin looked up from a sphere he held in his arms. “Glad you’re here, and you still have the extra arms, you will need them. Come over here I have already started to construct the gravity-core, we just need to finish it up and get it to turn on which will be the hard part.” Alin said, looking at Will while using one of his arms to wave for him to come over to him.

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