DNA Hackers Part 18


As he walked down the small hall, his body changed back to his own body, then he stopped as if he saw something, he then started looking around turning and looking behind himself. Then he walked into the small room that he was staying in for the trip, he closed the door and sat on the small bed. “You guys really are the greatest spies in the universe, I wouldn’t have been able to find you if I couldn’t hear your thoughts.” He said while sitting, as he finished speaking the door-changed colors, then the surface morphed into a copy of the captain. “So I guess this means that doing the merge worked. Which by the way I still don’t understand how that worked did the other one take control of my body to help you or something, all I remember is it jumped at me and then I woke up as someone else.”

The copy looked at Will then spoke. “Our race shares one body and mind, by merging with you the other one became a part of you and you a part of us. Once the merge was complete, the link we share allowed my body to adapt to the new DNA without overriding my own. More simply put, you sent me an update that fixed my body. However, the changes were much different from what I expected, your DNA has replaced the damage to our own, but it seems to have shortened the distance of our link, I can only feel your mind now.” Will looked at the copy, then spoke. “I see well does that mean that my DNA has to be given to every one of your people for it to work.” “No, it means that we have to be close for the link to work now, we will no longer have a single mind. I can already feel the difference, it’s strangely lonely, but I feel very happy I have thoughts of my own now and I can no longer read yours as if they were my own.” Will smiled as he laid back on the bed.

“Well, I have a few hours before I have to go help out in the engine room so I’m going to get some rest I feel as if I have trained for weeks without a break.” The copy turned to the door. “Well, normally it takes a week for a merged being to wake up, but you did it in an hour, whatever you are it’s quite something.” Will smiled as he answered. “I’m a Cursed Human, my race is born to stand in the gap for others, and our bodies can’t die. You know I remember my Brother telling me a story about your people, he said you left the universe and built the largest research lab only second to his own. So why did you?” The copy walked to the side of the bed and sat. “It’s amazing that your brother knows so much about us, we thought everyone forgot about us.”

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