DNA Hackers Part 17


“My name is Alin Mandrel what are you?” Replied the creature in confusion. “I am a Cursed Morfean a member of The Brothers Will.” As Will talked his body slowly changed to copy that of Alin’s, he grew new arms and even a tail. “I really need your help we have to upgrade the engines, I need to cut a one month trip down to less than a week is there any way we can do that.” Alin looked at Will who was now a perfect copy of him down to where the spots on his skin were. “Umm yeah, I think it can be done, but we will only be able to modify the engines during cool down mode. But right now I wouldn’t know where to start to get the engines to push us that fast.” Alin replied, walking around Will in disbelief. “Well, I think we should work on getting the engines to a higher class, the captain told me that a class five would have me there in a week.” Will replied.

Alin sat on the ground with his legs folded; he had tools in one of his hands and a book and pen in two, he started flipping through the book as he circled things on the pages. “Hmm, well I can get the engines to a class three without any new parts, but to get to class five we would have to stop and order the parts needed.” Said Alin while writing in his book.

“Well, what if we can add a Gravity-core to the engines, I know it’s not a Gravity-Drive but we can use the core to boost the Jump speed right?” Asked Will looking to Alin, who started flipping through his book even faster, then flipping to the back, and writing down something. “That’s brilliant; Gravity-Drives use the Gravity-core to move, but the rest of the engine just holds the ship together. Which means if we were to add the Gravity-core to our engines, it would increase the speed to at least a class six Jump Drive, and because Gravity-cores don’t need to be cooled, we can use it to stay in a Jump while the Jump Drives Core cools down.”

Will looked at Alin with a smile, then spoke. “I need to get a few things done; I’ll let you start figuring out the details. I will be back before we drop out of the jump for cool down mode to help you finish building the Gravity-core.” “Wait a minute, how did you come up with that and how do you even know if I can do any of this?” Alin asked Will. “Well, I know you were top of your class and you built a working Gravity-core as your final class project. I came up with the idea because I can not only copy how you look, but the things you know as well.” Answered Will as he walked to the engine room’s doorway. “Don’t worry though I don’t know everything about you it seems I only gain your knowledge when I copied you, your secrets are safely in your head.” Will said as he walked through the doorway.

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