DNA Hackers Part 16


It looked as though no one was going to get off after all this was their first and possibly only chance to not only see a member of The Brothers Will in action but also to help one out. “Captain, I have found a course that will cut our travel time down by a few days, but it will require us to use the gravitational pull of a few stars to sling shot us across the systems we stop in during the cool down mode. It will put a bit of stress on the hull, but it will allow us to keep moving as fast as possible at all times.” Said the navigator. “Perfect anything that will speed us up is worth trying. Enter the course corrections in so we can get going.” Replied the captain.

Once the navigator finished entering the new course, the captain came over the intercom once more. “Entering Jump Mode in five, four, three, two, one.” He pushed a the red lever in the center of the cockpit controls all the way forward and the ship jerked forward as it entered the Jump. “Six hours till cool down mode everyone, let’s see what we can do to speed this trip up as much as possible.” The captain said over the intercom, then got up and head to his quarters.

Will 700 headed to the engine room, and started to talk as he walked through the doorway. “Who is the head engineer here?” Everyone in the room turned to look at him. “I need to speak to whoever is in charge can someone please help me.” He asked again. “I’m in charge, what can I help you with?” Said a voice from behind the engines. “I need your help. We have to get the engines to go much faster. I need them to be upgraded to at least a class five. My brother taught me a few things that should help so if you would let me use your tools we should be able to upgrade the engines.”

A short figure about 3 feet tall walked out from behind the engines, it was a humanoid with bright blue eyes, green skin with orange dots, four arms and a long tail. “Well, now what do we have here? A little boy asking to play with grown up tools.” The creature said with a condescending tone of voice, as it looked Will over. Will simply looked at it with a smile as he reached his hand out to sake one of the creature’s hands. “My name is Will 700 what is yours?” Will spoke with a smile as he shook one of the creature’s hands. As he did, his body began to change, his skin changed to green as he shrunk down to the size of the creature, he let go of its hand and with a smile, his eyes turned blue.

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