DNA Hackers Part 15


“Captain, how long will it take to get here?” “Well, our Jump-Drives are class one so about a month not counting the time we have to stop to allow the engines to cool down.” Answered the captain, the boy thought for a while, then turned back to the captain and spoke. “I thought the drives would get us there much faster, I didn’t know they were so slow.” “Well class one Jump-Drives are the slowest, and they can only run for six hours at a time, we would need at least a class five if we want to get there without stopping even then it would take a week, it’s because where you want to go is on the other side of the galaxy.” The captain said to the boy.

The boy sat in the copilot’s chair, as he did he thought about what he should do. A few minutes later, a smile came across his face. “I’ve got it!” He said excitedly as he pushed the transmit button on the Com to send a message to Earth. “This transmission is for The Brothers Will. I am Will 700 the newest member of the Brothers Will. I have chosen my race to protect, and they are in great need as I speak. The ship I am on is too slow. It will take too long to get to where I am needed so please send anything you can to help me get there faster. I am going to begin the journey now and will be sending my coordinates every time I drop out of a Jump. So I am asking for your help brothers, please help me to get to those that need my help.”

He released the button and turned to the captain. “I need you to begin the Jump, I have something to do. Oh and could you set it up so when we drop out of a Jump to cool down our position is sent to Earth.” He said to the captain then got up. “Okay, whatever you need, I’ll set it all up, but aren’t you going to wait for someone to reply?” The captain replied. The boy looked back at the captain; the look on his face was a clam but serous smile as he spoke. “Captain we are The Brothers Will, they have heard my message before I even spoke it, now it’s up to me to prove that I am really going to do what I have said.” The boy turned to face the doorway. “I was born to protect and I will do just that.” Said the boy as he walked out of the cockpit.

The captain sat in the cockpit and spoke over the intercom. “Everyone we have a change of plans, we are going to be on this mission a bit longer, we are now needed to carry our passenger to a different location as fast as possible so get ready you have two minutes before the first Jump. I’m not going to lie to you, this might get a bit dangerous, so if you want you can get off before we Jump, if not once we start, we will be doing every and anything to get there as fast as possible. That means we won’t be any stopping to let anyone off or on this ship.” The captain’s voice echoed through the ship and sent the crew to work; everyone got to their stations and began to ready the ship for the Jump.

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