DNA Hackers Part 14


It began to speak. “Whooo are… you, what are you?” It said changing its voice from the captain to the doctors then to one of its own. The captain answered the question. “I’m human, and I am the captain of this ship and you?” As it opened its mouth, everyone looked on waiting for an answer. “I’m I’m I’m not human I’m…” It said but stopped. “It looks like it’s trying to say something but doesn’t know how.” It nodded its head slowly as if it did not yet have full control of its own body. “That’s it, it wants us to talk, every one say something anything.” Said the captain. The crew began to say random words and sentences, the copy opened its mouth moving it as though speaking, but there were no words, then suddenly there were words. “I am a cursed human… the youngest of the Brothers Will.” It said slowly its voice changing with each word as it spoke, starting off slow and slowly speeding up. “You know who I am why do you ask?” It spoke in a more normal voice. “Why do I feel like this, did someone drug me?” It asked in the voice of the boy.

Then suddenly ran to the bathroom. “I’m going to throw up.” He grabbed the door, opened it and saw his reflection and froze for a moment. He turned and looked back, then turned back and waved at his reflection. “That’s not me, what’s going on here that’s not what I look like, how can this be?”

“Well, we were hoping you could tell us that.” Said the doctor the boy turned and looked at the doctor. “I’m I’m you, how is that possible, I can’t be you I’m me what’s going on.” Said the boy in a panic. “Hold on a minute, we don’t know what’s going on, your eyes glowed and then you turned to liquid…” The doctor continued to explain what had happened to him, when he finished the boy sat on the floor with a confused look on his face. Then he seemed to get an idea. “I know what I can do, I just Hope it works, Nannies active one hundred present!” His eyes glowed bright as his mouth opened and light came shining out like a beam, his body lifted from the ground. Then suddenly everything stopped and he dropped.

“Well, that didn’t work, and I was sure it would too.” However, as he stood to his feet, his body changed back to that of the boy that boarded the ship. “That was weird did we just enter a jump or something.” He said. “No your body is back to normal.” Answered the captain. “Yes, it worked!” The boy yelled, jumping for joy, then he froze for a moment as though lost in thought. “That’s it, now I remember what I had to do, I must save my people I’m the only one that can help.” Said the boy, the captain looked at him and asked. “What people, I though your race was the ones that did the saving?” “Well yes, but I mean my new people the Morfeans, one of them merged with me, and now I feel their pain and it is so much they have been slaves for so long. I must help them be free it is my duty as a member of the Brothers Will.” The boy replied as he walked to the cockpit controls, and punch in new coordinates and spoke.

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