DNA Hackers Part 13


It then started to morph again, but this time it raised up forming a spiral pole and then slowly, it began unwinding forming a tall cylinder 2 feet wide. “What is it making?” Asked a crewmember as she spoke the cylinder liquefied and fell to the ground in a splash. “What’s going on?” Asked the same crewmember. The liquid bubbled and started changing colors, it started forming the same shape, and it grew to the height of one of the crewmembers. “I wonder what it’s doing.” Said the captain. “I think it’s watching us, waiting for something.” Said the doctor, as he walked over to the shape and stood in front of it.

The front of the object facing the doctor changed into a mirror like surface reflecting the doctor. He reached out and touched the shape, and instantly pulled his hand back when his fingers touched it. “Ahh it bit me!” He yelled as he backed away from the shape. He turned his hand over and all of his fingers had small needle like puncture marks at their tips. “Get me some disinfectant I hope it didn’t give me anything.” He said as he wrapped his hand in his shirt.

It went dead silent as the shape began to change, slowly forming a human body, the doctor’s body. Everyone quickly but carefully moved back ever further. “It’s… it’s… its copying me, why is it doing that?” The doctor said with a hint of confusion and fear in his voice. It continued to morph until it was a perfect copy of the doctor. It had copied everything down to his clothes.

“What are you?” Said the captain as it looked at him. It then began moving its lips as if talking, but there was no sound of any kind. The captain stepped closer to it and spoke again. “What are you and what do you want and what did you do to my doctor?” It was the same as before, its mouth moved but there were no words. The captain’s face filled with anger as he yelled. “I’m going to ask you one last time, what are you and what do you want?” Its head turned as its lips started to move, then suddenly it started repeating what the captain had said, at first it was a low, almost animal like voice but it quickly changed to a perfect copy of the captain’s voice.

“It can talk?” Said a crewmember. “It can talk.” Said the copy in the captain’s voice. It turned its head to the side and looked over the captain’s shoulder. Then it turned its head looking left and right, then lifting its head to look up as if it were an explore in a new world, seeing everything for the first time. “What is it?” Said one of the crewmembers it stopped looking around and looked straight forward at the captain. “What is it?” This time its voice was that of the crewmember that had spoken the words. “Why is it copying us?” Said the doctor from behind the crewmembers. As it heard his voice, it turned around and started. “Why is it copying copying copying us us us…” “It’s not just copying us it wants something.” Said the captain. “I think you’re right, I think it’s learning. Whatever it is, it must be a newborn trying to learn about its new life.” Said the doctor, but what kind of life could it be forming from the death of another.” As he spoke, the captain watched the odd being waiting for it to copy him. “It stopped copying us, maybe now it will answer my question. Who and what are you?” Said the captain.

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