DNA Hackers Part 12


He walked over to one of the computer stations and pulled up the log files for all the rooms the boy had been in, he began to look over the videos and then started speaking as he continued. “The log files show that the boy simply got up and walk out of the medical bay to the cockpit, it also shows that no one interacted with the boy, but the people in this room, but no one was anywhere near him when he got up. So everyone calm down and let’s all think clearly. Does anyone remember anything about the boy that would explain this, anything at all?”

Every one sat as they wondered what could have been going on, the doctor stood and began to pace back and forth as everyone watched him. “Well, I’m not sure if I’m right, but I think this is the real boy, and someone or something did this to him with some kind of poison. However, given how this has happened, I would say it was given to him before he left Earth. From how much his DNA has changed, I would say whoever did this planned it for a long time, and it would explain everything. With the right formulas, they could have made a trigger that would be activated by the normally harmless radiation given off when the Jump-drive comes online. It would explain why this started when we started the first Jump, and why he got up after we dropped out of the jump, and even why he turned to liquid seconds before we were going to Jump again. Those are the times the radiation would be the highest.”

“Umm doctor I think you should see this.” Said the doctor’s assistant. “Not now I need to figure out what happen to the boy and who could do this. I don’t have time for your trivial things.” The doctor replied as he paced back and forth. “Look at the liquid now you idiot!” The assistant yelled. Every one’s head turned to look at the liquid bubbling. The doctor was shocked, dropping the device out of his hand onto the floor. “What’s it doing?” Asked the captain to the doctor. “I… I have no idea.” He replied.

The crew looked on as the liquid bubbled and then swirled around, all wondering what was next. “Maybe it’s going to evaporate, that would make sense, leave no trace of the boy at all.” Said a crewmember, everyone just continued to look as the liquid stopped bubbling and began to form a shape. At first, it was just the middle, forming what seems to be a small cube, then it grew in size deforming into a bumpy sphere. Everyone began to back away from the liquid. Then the shape it was making popped like a bubble, everyone jumped rushing back even more, crushing the device the doctor used to scan the boys DNA. “Oh no the scanner, now we have no way of proving this happened.” Said the doctor as he looked at the broken device. As he did, the sample on the testing stick formed a tiny puddle on the floor, then it just flowed over to the rest of the puddle like water running down a glass. It rejoined the puddle and when it did the liquid seemed to vibrate.

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