DNA Hackers Part 11


The doctor went to the medical bay and returned with a small device in his hand. He pulled a small stick like object from the device and stuck it into the liquid. He then stuck it back into the device, as he spoke. “This has a sample of the boys DNA from when he boarded the ship, everyone that boards the ship goes through a full scan as they enter the ship. It scans everything down to their DNA. It alerts us to any illness a person might be unknowingly carrying. This device will compare the one on file with the one I have just given it. It will tell me if the DNA has changed since he got on the ship and if so how it has changed. It also gives me information on his DNA so we will be able to tell if he is actually what he says he is.”

The machine hummed very low as it worked, a small light flashed different colors as it ran starting with green, then blue, then yellow, then red. The light stopped flashing and stayed red, as the humming sound came to a stop. “It’s done analyzing the sample, now it’s comparing the DNA to give me the results in about a minute.” The doctor said with a low concerned voice looking at the device. That minute of waiting seemed like a year, the tension in the room grew to the point of snapping in that short time. Just as it was about to snap, the voice of the doctor held it back from breaking.

“The DNA is a ninety percent match; his DNA has changed by ten percent since he got on the ship. The parts of his DNA that has changed are the parts the effect his bodies shape, and his internal functions. They have been rearranged in a random order. That’s what caused him to turn to liquid his body has no shape, and it’s still changing, rearranging itself randomly as we speak.” The doctor said with confusing in his voice as he sat down. “This just isn’t possible.” He said as he ran his hand through his hair.

The crew looked on with fear in their eyes. “What could have done this to him? Is it still on board? And could what happen to the boy happen to anyone else?” The captain asked the doctor. “I really don’t know captain. I don’t even understand how this could even be happened.” As the doctor spoke tears came to one of the crewmembers eyes, he jumped to his feet and went running to the air lock screaming. “They’re not going to get me!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, hitting the air lock button, nothing.

Everyone’s heart seemed to stop when the air lock didn’t open. The crewmember smashed the air lock button repeatedly hoping it would open and pull him out. “Get him away from there before the air lock opens!” Yelled the captain, three crewmembers following the captains orders grabbed him and pulled him from the door. They pushed him in one of the empty rooms as the captain overrode the security lock on the door to lock him in. The captain then turned back to the crew and spoke. “Okay everyone we all have to stay calm for a moment.”

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