DNA Hackers Part 10


They all stood there confused wondering if someone had taken his body. The look of fear was back on their faces, worse than before. Their minds filled with thoughts. “Maybe this was a trap and the killer wanted us to drop out of the jump so he could flee with the body.” Said a crewmember, fear, and panic filled the atmosphere with tension when the crewmember spoke again. “Maybe the killer is still on board waiting to kill us all.” The captain spoke quickly interrupting the crewmember. “Stop it all of you, there must be a reason for this, there is no killer on board my ship. So let’s all calm down and think for a while there must be a reasonable explanation for all of this.”

“Hey, Why have we stopped? Have we arrived already? It feels like we just left.” Said a voice from the cockpit. The crew turned and ran to the cockpit. The door was cracked just a bit, the crew could hear someone humming inside, the captain pushed the door open slowly. There sitting before them was the boy, he swung the chair around and spoke. “Shouldn’t there be a      planet somewhere around here, I don’t see anything.”

The crew looked at the boy in amazement and fear “So this is why you are called Cursed Humans.” Said the captain to the boy. “I don’t understand what you mean.” The boy said with a smile on his face. “Nothing nothing. To answer your question we have not reach we just stopped to do… a check of the ship. We will be on our way soon, just a few more minutes as we get the ship ready to jump.” The captain sat in the chair next to the boy and began to ready the ship for the next jump.

The crew headed back to their stations and got ready for the jump. The boy sat and waited for the ship to leave, looking out the cockpit window to catch the moment the ship went into jump mode. The engines began to power up, roaring as the Jump-Drives came online. The captain’s voice came over the intercom. “Entering Jump mode in five, four, three…” “Wait!” The boy yelled and the captain pulled back the leaver he was pushing forward to enter the jump. “We we need to do something I’m not sure what it is but we must go to the the th…” The boy fell to the ground without finishing his sentence, his eyes began to glow, and then he began to scream out in pain. The crew didn’t know what to do, there wasn’t really anything they could do but watch as the boy’s body began to shake and deform. Then liquefying into a puddle of brown skin colored liquid.

Everyone stood speechless, not a sound was made as the same thought rolled into everyone’s minds. “What just happened?” They moved in close surrounding the puddle to take a closer look. Maybe there was something, anything that was more believable than what just happened. Then the doctor spoke. ”I think we should run a DNA test on the liquid, to make sure this liquid is really the boy who came on the ship, or if it’s something else.” “Yes, what if someone kidnapped him before we left and replaced him with something else, maybe that’s why we thought he was dead before and it would explain what just happened.” said the other medical officers.

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