DNA Hackers Part 1


DNA Hackers

It began seven hundred years ago when the Morfeans, the greatest race of spies to ever live grew tired of their lives as spies. They wanted something more, but not just anything, they wanted the one thing they could not have, and that was children. The Morfeans were the most power full of all the shape shifting races, they could be anything they wanted, and they were only limited by their size, this fact made them very powerful with the ability to copy anything they saw to make them the perfect spies.

However, their greatest assets that set them apart from any other race of shape shifter, was their ability to copy any living thing perfectly. With a small sample of the subjects DNA, anything from a single strand of hair to a skin cell the Morfeans could copy that person or animal completely, down to its memories. This ability made them the perfect spies. They were able to walk into any building anywhere as anyone or anything, and no one would ever be able to tell the difference. Everything about them would be the same as what they had copied, their voice, walk, way of acting, and most importantly their DNA. They were truly the greatest spies in the universe.

However, what they saw as their biggest weakness, was in fact one of their great strengths that made them so powerful in their line of work. This was their link, a telepathic link that shared everything between them constantly. Their memories, experiences, skills and knowledge, shared the instant it was learned, but their minds were not the only thing that they shared but their bodies as well. Everything about their bodies was perfectly alike, seeing that they reproducing asexually, every person in their race was a clone of the one before. With everyone in the race being the same and having one mind they grew unhappy, they wanted something new, someone new. They wanted to have children that would grow and learn that would not be the same as all of them. Therefore, they set out to do just that, roaming the galaxies looking for anything and anyone they thought could help them achieve their goal.

They copied the greatest minds, the strongest races, everyone they could find, but all with a common trait, they could all have children. Through all this, they found that copying a race would not allow them to have children the way they wanted, but instead another copy in the form of a child from that race. Nevertheless, with the knowledge they gained from all that they copied, they learned something very important. That if they were going to have children of their own they had to find a way to do it in their natural form or it would never really be a newborn child. Their two hundred year search was now over, they knew copying others would not help but they knew what had to be done.

Continues in DNA Hackers Part 2

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