Dead Star Metal


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Element: Dead Star Metal

Element Type: Metal

Element Rundown: This is one of the strongest metals in the universe, it is also one of the lightest for its strength. It is made by combining 125 metals together, in a process called star milling. This is where the metals are placed in a container that can with withstand the heat of a blue dwarf star. All 125 metals are placed in the container, varying from a few grams to half a ton to add up to 30 tons. Because of large to small quantities needed to make the metal and the extreme conditions it’s made under, large amounts are made at once to make the process easier.

The first part of the process is to clean the metals making sure no trace of anything else is in them or on them, and then comes the important and difficult part of the process. Once in space the container is void of everything but the metals. Once void hydrogen and helium are pumped into the sealed container, creating a thin atmosphere inside it, not enough to breathe just 1000 parts to the million. Higher than that of space, about the same as the very other layer of a planet’s atmosphere.

Then comes the easy part, the sealed container is aimed at a blue dwarf star on an orbit that takes it with in 50’000 miles of the surface of the star. It stays this distance from the star for about 30 minutes, before it finishes curving around the sun taking it out then being pulled back in at high speed. Causing it to shoot by the star just 700 miles from the surface and then out into spaces where it’s caught.

The metal then remains liquid until carbon is added to it, allowing mills to pour out sheets of it then spray it with carbon causing the final reaction that hardens the metal in a few seconds. Once harden the metal cannot be molded or cut by almost anything. This also means that anything made from this metal is casted first for a perfect fit.

Element History: The name comes from where the piece of this metal was originally found. It was stumbled on accident by a scavenger looking through the remains of the Planetary Graveyard after one of the stars at its center had went super nova. Due to all of the traces of metals floating around the system. Once the star died, the super heat that was a result of the star exploding caused the metals to be combined and form the Dead Star Metal. Which was late refined to create the metal used now in almost everything that requires strong metals.

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