Cursed Technology


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Cursed technology is any technology that goes against or breaks at least one of the base laws of the universe. These laws hold the fabric of reality together and breaking them can have very serious repercussions. Cursed technology uses these repercussions to perform unbelievable feats, defying what is known as reality in the process. They bend space and time to its knees and allow their users to do things that would normally cause the universe to rip itself apart atom by atom.

The name cursed technology comes from the first peace of cursed tech, after finding out that it extends life indefinitely against the users will, causing them to live forever watching everything around them crumble to dust while they remain the same. The name cursed technology was then given because this was thought to be the greatest curse that could be inflicted on any being, and so the classification of cursed technology began.

Though powerful all cursed tech has built-in limits and fail safes to prevent damage to the user, and the machine, but more importantly theses fail-safes are in place to prevent the device from causing dame to the universe. Weather that damage is to time, planets, even empty space the fail-safes ensure the device is shut down before it can cause damage to the underlying physics that hold the universe itself together.

Another important part of cursed technology is that it uses elements that are found in places of the universe that have extreme laws of physics. Such as the heart of stars and black holes. These elements are then combined with others into a machine to create technology that will able to break a law of physics.

Cursed technology ranges from the sub atomic machines better known as Nannies to the huge star sized Inter planter jump gates orbiting the Galactic console.


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