Curse Of Life Part 4

After all this time he looked back upon the earth and saw that it was still a waste land, the plants he planted on his journey had died and there were few humans left alive. Though he had removed the waste from the surface of the planet, this had not changed much. The ground and atmosphere were still toxic and life was going out around the world. Soon all life would be gone and he would be the only thing left on the plant.

He spent years working on a way to remove the toxic waste he had caused to be spread across the earth and after fifty long years, he found the answering in a plant. The only one he had seen in years, it was small, but he knew it would be the answer. If he could figure out why this planet lived when everything around it was dying he would have his answer. Once he figured out how the plant was still living he found a way to make a new planet that would grow alongside it. This new plant would live off the waste that covered the earth like the one he found but would produce nontoxic food. This planet was his last hope at saving the human race, and the few creatures still left on the planet.

As he began to spread the seeds for the planets around one of the last remaining city that still had any humans in it, his pain grew. He knew that if the people in this city died his pain would grow to something he would not be able to bear, and he would be alone on this planet in pain for the rest of time. The first week pasted and nothing grew then another week, the weeks passed by and soon tuned into months. He gave up hope as the third month stated and nothing grew. He walked into the city and was prepared to watch the last remaining humans die. However, he was meet by laughing children and healthy people, he couldn’t understand what was going, his plants didn’t grow so why weren’t the people dying, what was going on he asked himself.

As he made his way through the city, he could see roots on the ground and on the buildings. The plants had been growing the entire time and they were growing at an amazing rate.

As the third month ended and the plant began to sprout out of the ground with fruits, it was amazing the planet grew downwards before it grew up. Creating a huge root system that filtered the toxic waste from the ground, and the air around the roots until it had cleaned the entire surface of the ground of all toxic waste. Then it would grow out of the ground looking for more waste. The waste was like the sun to the planet and it followed the most concentrated area which was the ground using it up until there was nothing left then finding a new source.

With the seeds in hand, he traveled the world planting them and watching as they grew behind him. He was finally finished with his duty, he looked at the plants as they grew giving birth to new life.

It had been four hundred years since he started the war and now man had forgotten the past and him alone with it. They were back to wear they started living off the earth with no technology and so he destroyed what was left of his time period and disappeared from sight, wondering the earth.

However, His curse did not end; he has cleaned up after man and resetting the earth allow us to start over countless times. Waiting for that day that man would learn their lesson and stop bringing destruction to the earth so his curse could finally end.

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