Curse Of Life Part 3

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One city after the next give over control to him, he became the ruler of nearly the entire planet within a year. He still wanted more, he wanted all of it, he wanted to control every person on the planet and his hunger for power cause him to grow cruel.

This led him to attacking the remaining countries, he did not rule without warning. In his mind, if they hadn’t already handed power over to him, without him asking they had to be punished. This was a grave mistake that would cost him.

The remaining countries didn’t take his attack laying down like all the others had. They united and attacked back using the same technology he had built years before. His army was wiped of all weapons in one blow and then they lunched a second attack on all that sided with him. His forces were wiped almost completely out in a single year. However, the cost was great to both sides millions died and the earth had been turn into a toxic wasteland during the fighting. He finally gave up after a year of fighting. Everyone had turn on him and because of the toxic world that was created in the war even his body was turning on him, becoming diseased and filled with pain.

As he lay on his death bed taking his last breathes he cursed God. “This is all your fault I had the power to make things perfect, better than you could have but no it’s all going to be gone cause you wouldn’t let me. I CURSE YOU AND THIS LIFE!” He exhaled for the last time as his eyes closed.

A voice spoke and as it did the earth shock, the skies darken, and everything stopped. “How dear you curse the one who gave you life, the one who gave you your mind. How dear you misuse my gift then blame me for you greed. For this you will be punished.” Carlton’s eyes opened they were filled with tears as he screamed out in pain. The voice continued to speak. “Your punishment for cursing the life I gave you will be a new life, alone for all time, watching the world around you change out of your control. Your punishment for cursing me will be t

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o forever walk the Earth never able to leave it, and as you do you will fix every mistake man makes and every time they destroy this world it will be you curse to repair it starting now!”

Carlton’s screams stopped, he was sitting on the bed his diseased body changing, healing itself becoming perfect but the pain remained, the voice spoke for the last time “The pain will remind you of what you must do.” He stood up and looked over the earth he had help to destroy he knew he had to fix it or the pain would never end.

The only thing he still had was his Nanobots; he would use them to do what he now had to. Building and interface than gave him direct mental control of his machines he set out to rebuild the world in hopes, of relieving his pain. For one hundred years, he walked never stopping, never dyeing never ageing, always alone. His Nanobots following him with each step, consuming all the waste and technology they came in contact with. He was restoring the world to what it was like before humans walk on it.

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