Curse Of Life Part 2

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The next morning he arrived at the labs and looked at the building still stand. “Guess I’m not that lucky.” He said to himself as he stepped from the transport and began to walk to the building. He entered and walk to the main research area, as he did the lights flicked above his head. “Really now the lights are going to start acting up as if anything else could go wrong today.” He said as he reached for the door handle. Pulling the door opened he walked into a dark lab. “Great just great stupid lights!” He yelled as he looked for the backup light switches.

As he turned the backup switches he spoke to himself again. “I’m so done with this I think it’s time I stop working and have some fun, I can do anything I want so what’s the point I can’t gain anything else in this field any…” His words were stopped by what he saw as the backup lights flicked on. All around him the flake like Nanobots were stuck to everything. As he stood speechless his face filled with joy, he instantly started jumping and yelling for joy. He was done, his greatest work had been accomplished; this would put him at the top of the scientific world for years to come.

Years passed at the top with this his greatest work complete he had nothing else to do. He grew unhappy he could make anything he wanted and he had everything anyone could ever want. However, he was still unhappy he wanted more he didn’t just want anything though, he wanted power, and he wanted to control the entire world. With his intelligence and all the things he had created in his life, he began to go after his goal. Starting by taking control of small cities and villages, by offering them more than they had and ways to have a better life. A few took this offer but many were happy with the life they already had. After a few years of growing his power like this, he once more became unhappy, now with how slow he was gaining power.

He now looked for ways of taking what he wanted by force trying many different ways until he turned his greatest invention into the world’s greatest weapon. With the push of one button, he leaved entire cities in minutes leaving only shocked by standers. But what made him a person to be feared was not that he destroyed cities but how it was done.

A Single Nanobot was sent to the leader of the city hidden in a letter with a time delay. They had two days to give control over to him before the Nanobots was activated, once activated it would use all nonorganic materials to copy itself for one hour then simply burn itself out. Each Nanobot could copy itself five times every minute allowing it to consume the entire city without harming a single person. Leaving behind mounds of dust that were once buildings.

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