Curse Of Life Part 1

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Curse Of Life

Our story begins on earth over an eon ago. This was a time when man was still a new creature to this world, created only a few hundred years ago at this point in time. Though they were young as a race, they learned fast and advanced even faster. With each passing year, they seemed to grow in both size and intelligence at an unbelievable rate. They Accomplished everything they set their minds to in what seemed like no time at all, eliminating war and crime within years of it starting, and soon after they turned their efforts to advancing technologically, solving hunger, sickness, and much more. There was nothing they couldn’t do; united as one they created a world perfect in every way in their eyes anyway.

Though they were united as one world all working together it was clear that most of the advancements in technology came from one man. A brilliant scientist by the name of Carlton Joan, one of the brightest scientist the world had ever seen. In his short career, he rebuilt, redesigned, and advanced most of what was known as technology and science, questioning everything, and discovering something new on a daily bases.

We meet him on the brink of his greatest discovery, the perfection of machines he called Nanobots. He had found a way to build small machines and shrink them down, from a small half-inch thick plate, to a paper thin square one hundredth of an inch wide, like tiny pieces of skin. They could copy themselves perfectly and they could combine to build anything, but this was only a theory. He had to actually perfect the design first. Which after ten years of work he had not done. Building thousands and thousands of prototypes, that all failed had pushed him to his limit and he finally just stopped trying, giving up hope that it was even possible to build one that would actually work.

As he thought about how he had succeed at everything else he had tried, but not only that but how he succeed where so many had failed. He grew tired, here he sat with the one thing he wanted to do for himself and he just kept failing over and over again. With that thought he decided that it was time to quite this fools quest. He built his final prototype, and as he looked down at it, on the programing table he spoke aloud to himself. “Why do I even bother it won’t work anyway. The design is perfect the program works in all the simulations but it still never works, it will probably just explode like all the others.” He shut the computer off and went to walk away, and then turning back, he flipped the switch to send power into the table, and walked out of the lab. “Hopefully by the time I get back tomorrow it burns the whole place down.” He said with anger as he left the building.

Continues in Curse Of Life Part 2

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