Coming Home To Empty Bed


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As I walk into the room my attention is drawn instantly to the bed. The flowing white sheets with the ever so slight indentation of a small body and a larger one right next to it. My mind begins to wonder as I walk into the room, and the sweet aroma of perfume and flowers slowly fills my airways.

I had been gone that night for the second time this week, I had been so busy at work that I never even left the workshop till an hour ago. But she must understand right? I am doing all this for her after all, but still it must be lonely without anyone to talk to but she… My thoughts were interrupted by a voice. “Is that you sweet heat, I missed you last night.” I turn to answer and her tiny hands grab my leg. “Da da.” I look down and pick her up as my wife walks into the room. “It looks like she missed you to.” She says with a smile. “Did you get everything you needed done, I hope you aren’t over working yourself because of us, you know we are happy the way we are now.”

With a big smile my little girl looks up at me, even though she can’t speak I understand that she wants her dad to be home more. “Don’t worry the projects almost done just a few more days and it will be complete.” I say to her with a smile, even though I wasn’t sure but I had to do my best for her sake.

This would be my last project for my brother 24, before I would be able to leave the brothers Will for my vacation. A vacation that would last a lifetime that I could spend with the ones I loved so much. My adopted daughter was now a year and a half, and she needed her dad just as much as my wife need me.

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