Balloon Ride Part 3


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I hurled myself once more, as I flew through the air this time I saw my friend far below me. I knew then I had to grab onto him if I was going to live. Hitting the next balloon feet first then launching again as quick as I could. I had already planned it as I flew through the air. Once I hit the balloon, I was off again with less hesitation this time. One more to go after this, I thought as I flew through the air.

The final balloon I would be jumping off was far from me and took almost a minute to reach it. The ground seemed deadly close at this point but the next balloon was close, and my goal was closer to it. My feet made contact, and I knew I would only have one chance at what I was about to do. If I failed, I was dead within a minute.

I breathe in deeply as I sunk into the balloon, my knees bent preparing to jump at a moment’s notice. The balloon tightened under my feet and began to spring back to normal, the sinkhole I made started to inflate quickly. At the last second, as it pushed all the way out, I launched off it with all my strength.

Flying through the air, I flipped around so my feet would make first contact with the next balloon. I put my hand out above my head and together as if diving into water; my feet hit the balloon, I bent my knees and wasted no time the instant I stopped sinking; I launched myself down and forward directly at my so-called friend. My body hurled through the air straight for him.

I opened my arms and grabbed on tightly to his legs, swinging, and dangling from his legs violently I held on for dear life then. TAUMP! We hit the ground rolling. “I’m alive YESSS!” I screamed out jumping to my feet.

I looked down at my fried after I had been running around yelling in joy for a few minutes. He had not gotten up as yet; he was lying on the ground crying as I walked closer. “I hate you so much, everything, every time, it never fails, it always works out for you. You were the one that was to die today yet here I am my legs broken, and you are totally unharmed.”

I pulled my phone from my pocket, looked at the screen, and then dialed 911. “There has been an accident here at the Western Balloon Park; a sky diver has just gotten injured.” I said to the operator then give them the address. “You know my life is incredibly hard but I never once gave up or consider giving up as an option. It’s the reason I can’t fail it’s not an option for me. You were my closest friend but now look at you, going to jail with broken legs all because you were jealous.”

I stood to my feet and handed the letter that was still in my hand to the reporter that was running up to me, and walked away.

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