Balloon Ride Part 2


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I looked around the basket for something that could help me get out of this predicament, but there was nothing but the flame thrower that was stuck in the on passion. I looked over the sides of the balloon. “I have never failed at anything in my life, and I’m not starting now.” I grabbed the side of the basket took a deep breath the hurled myself over the side yelling. “No one decides when it’s my time to die but me, and I’m not dying today.”

Falling through the air, I opened my hands; I saw skydivers do this to control themselves in the air. I pulled my shirt to from a pocket under my arms. I knew it would slow how quickly I was falling, but I knew it wouldn’t slow it by much. I had to figure out something, and I had to do it now.

I looked to my left then right in a panic afterwards I got it. Off to my right was another balloon floating up to me if I could get to it, I would be saved. I quickly angled my body and started heading straight for it, but I was falling too fast to land on it. Nevertheless, I would at least be close. WAM! I hit the side of the inflated balloon hard, almost being knocked out, but I caught a hold of myself and grabbed and gripped at the balloon as I slide down the side.

I look down and a few feet away the balloon began to pull in; I had to think quickly. I wasn’t holding on to anything sold, as soon as the balloon started to go in I would be falling again. No I wasn’t going to die, I looked behind me hoping there was another balloon close by. There was one, but it was right under the one I was falling off of, but I had to try.

I pulled my feet up bent my elbows and lunged myself to it; I instantly knew I wasn’t going to make it to the top. In fact, I might not make it at all, but I wasn’t giving up yet. As I hurled through the air towards the balloon, I searched for another one I could jump to.

I hit the side, this time I was prepared, I would be leaping for this one to in a few seconds, and was already planning my next jump. I spotted where I was going next and aimed for a place on the next balloon that would line me up for the following one.

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