What Is The MOW Universe?

Mow Universe is a place where fantasy and reality collide, a fantasy universe created by the author William Ollivierre, containing galaxies, worlds and star systems, from the simple small moon sized planets to the complexly man made giants floating through space. These fantasy worlds contain many charters and creatures of all kinds, from humanoid races, to ant like creatures that tower over buildings, all these and many more roam the planet found in the MOW Universe.


But that’s only the begin there is much more here than stories taking place in the worlds of MOW, much much more, from letters between friends, personal logs, ship logs and personal logs. All these giving the feel of what the MOW universe is like, there are even logs and stats on everything from creatures to technology, some seeming much like things found in the real world and others that could never be real as far as we know anyway. You will find all this and tons more here in MOW Universe, hope you decided to visit again soon until your next visit God bless and have a great day.

Author background:

I was born February 17th, on a small island called Bequia which is part of St. Vincent & The Grenadine. I sent the first few years of my life growing up on this beautiful island. Around the age of four I moved from that island to another called St. Kitts, where I spent another few years growing up, also I believe this is where I learned to speak. After about three years in St. Kitts I moved back to Bequia where I spent two years before finally moving to Florida. Through all this time and moving from place to place the only thing that has stayed the same in my life has been my love of creating new things, whether it be drawing, building things, cooking, or making up stories, I was always creating something new and inserting.

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